CBD Cigarettes: What Are They and Where To Get Them

cbd cigarettes

There’s been a lot of talk recently about relieving nicotine addiction by alternating with CBD cigarettes, but will this work for you? Are CBD cigarettes the best option, or could you find something better? We will take a look at CBD cigarettes to determine what they are, how they work and what the risks are. We will also discuss how to find CBD cigarettes for sale.

What Are CBD Cigarettes?

Adding CBD-rich hemp flower into a rolling paper makes it into a CBD cigarette. Many people might immediately think it resembles a joint, but it is referred to as a cigarette since it contains hemp instead. On the other hand, it might not make a lot of sense to call it a cigarette either since it isn’t filled with tobacco. Another reason for attaching this label is to help those attempting to quit smoking receive the same pleasure they seek. It also enables the psychological dependence on nicotine to be broken. 

Benefits of Smoking CBD Cigarettes

While there are countless advantages to smoking a CBD cigarette versus a regular cigarette, we will primarily focus on two of the benefits.


Why do most people light up a cigarette? As the nicotine hits the brain, it creates satisfaction on a chemical level. There’s also the smoking ritual that many participate in. Whether it is the chemical reaction or the ritual, lighting up a cigarette and taking that first puff can create relaxation. To get the same effect without the nicotine, choosing a CBD cigarette might be the best option.

Help to Quit Smoking

There’s no question that smoking nicotine cigarettes are harmful to your health. However, it isn’t always simple to quit. With a CBD alternative, you might be able to unwind without adding more nicotine to your system. Even a 2013 study shows that the effect of cannabidiol reduces cigarette consumption for smokers. 

CBD Cigarettes vs. Regular Cigarettes

Conventional cigarettes contain a cancerogenic compound called tobacco. This substance has been linked to many diseases and death. Hemp, on the other hand, contains compounds the don’t disrupt pulmonary function and help to promote a healthier life. In addition, hemp doesn’t promote addiction the way that tobacco does. 

Are CBD Cigarettes In The USA Legal?

The 2018 Hemp Growers Act changed the legality status federally. This law allows CBD hemp cigarettes to be used for smoking in some states, assuming that the product is derived from hemp and contains less than 0.3% THC. Cigarettes produced from marijuana with THC do not have the same protections. With that said, there are some states that have created their own laws. In a few of these states, it is not legal to purchase CBD cigarettes in the USA. You want to research state laws before making a purchase. 

Where Can I Find CBD Cigarettes Near Me?

When it comes time to finding most products, turning to Google is often the best option. However, it might not be wise to simply search – CBD cigarettes near me. If you decide that it’s time to see if CBD cigarettes work from you, it’s vital to start by purchasing from a reliable company.

As the market for smokable cannabidiol products grows, you have to do more research to avoid scams and poor quality. When you compare the available products, consider the following:

  • Is the product all-natural? You don’t want any artificial or synthetic ingredients included.
  • Has the product been filtered? Ideally, you should choose cigarettes with a plant-based biodegradable filter.
  • Do the products get tested by a lab? Make sure the lab meets the ISO/IEC17025 standards.
  • What ingredients are included? Does it contain domestically grown hemp? It should also be free of nicotine and tobacco. 

Aside from these considerations, you must be mindful of the dosage as well. Many CBD hemp cigarettes will contain between 20, 50 and 100 mg of the active ingredient. If you are brand new to CBD, you should start with the lowest dose cigarette possible. As you get accustomed to the effects, you can move up to a higher dose if you prefer. 

Risks of Smoking – Safety Issues

Unfortunately, there is minimal research about the long-term effects of hemp-based smoking. However, with cannabis and hemp coming from the same plant, it’s safe to assume that the safety would be closely related to smoking marijuana. 

The largest health concern with smoking CBD is the impact it could have on the respiratory system. The American Lung Association suggests that inhaling any type of smoke is considered harmful. If you suffer from any lung disorder, you might do best to stay away from cigarettes. 

Other than the obvious concerns, CBD itself could lead to some minor side effects, including:

  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Changes in appetite
  • Mood changes
  • Dry mouth

Alternatives to CBD Cigarettes

If you prefer to get away from smoking altogether or you are concerned with the health effects of CBD cigarettes, consider the benefits of CBD oil instead. CBD oil is becoming increasingly popular among people that want to be healthier and quit smoking. 

As with many smokers, you might face triggers when life becomes stressful. If this is what you deal with, CBD oil might provide the relief you are looking for. Part of smoking cigarettes boils down to addiction. Interestingly enough, a 2017 study discovered that CBD could help to break that cycle. There were even some remarks in the study related to the “therapeutic potential” of CBD. If you are looking to break the addictive associations that have formed between cigarettes and situations, you might find CBD oil to be beneficial.

In addition, it’s possible to receive some relief from the cravings with CBD oil tinctures or drops. These don’t create as fast of an effect as smoking CBD cigarettes would, but it is still a quick, cost-effective solution. Cannabidiol is absorbed into the bloodstream when you place the tincture under your tongue. Because it can bypass the digestive system, it typically starts working within 30 minutes to an hour. In addition, these effects could last for hours, giving you the relief you desire. We recommend learning about a unique water soluble solution made by the company Zilis. Zilis CBD Oil and related products are taking the nation by storm. Wicrr is a trusted source of information within the CBD space. Thanks for stopping by today!

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