Is CBD Legal in NC?

Is CBD Legal in NC?

Is CBD Legal in NC?

If you live in North Carolina, you’ve likely wondered – is CBD legal in NC? To understand if CBD is legal in NC, you must know the difference between where it gets sourced. CBD can come from either hemp or marijuana. Both of these are varieties of the cannabis plant, but what makes them different is the level of THC included. 

THC is the compound of the plant that creates the psychoactive properties. CBD derived from marijuana can be full of THC, while CBD hemp oil is only allowed to have a trace amount of this component. On the federal level, the Farm Bill made it legal to purchase CBD hemp products; however, state laws can override this ruling. This is precisely what residents of NC are facing.

Sadly, in North Carolina, even purchasing CBD hemp oil is only permitted for patients that suffer from specific medical conditions. These restrictions remain some of the most constrictive in the country.

Is CBD Legal in NC 2020 – A Brief History

As a natural healing product, is CBD hemp oil legal in NC? In many states throughout the United States, consumers can purchase CBD online or off the store shelf as a nutritional supplement. In the Farm Bill, the US Congress legalized the growth of industrial hemp, as long as the THC content remains below 0.3%. However, North Carolina has not gotten on board with the legislation and continues to oppose the right to purchase CBD.

The first-ever marijuana legislation passed in 2014, through the Epilepsy Alternative Treatment Act. It was also known as the House Bill 1220. This bill allows children with some conditions to receive hemp extracts in an attempt to manage their condition. Additionally, the sick children were required to participate in studies to qualify for the treatment. Since the initial ruling, this requirement has been stripped. Now, all that is required is a legal diagnosis.

Is CBD Legal in NC for 2020? Unfortunately, not yet. Current law states that possessing more than half of an ounce of marijuana could get you incarcerated. If you are caught with less than 0.5 an ounce, you could still face a misdemeanor charge.

Is CBD Hemp Oil Legal in NC – Rules and Regulations

The hemp oil laws in North Carolina remain quite unclear. Some regulations have been brought forth to ease the restrictions, but they are always met with a counteraction that negates it. When the United States Farm Bill was approved in 2018, it appeared that all states would get on board, but North Carolina wasn’t one of them.

However, the Farm Bill did make it easier for some CBD manufacturers to ship oil to North Carolina residents, even if they don’t qualify for the Epilepsy Alternative Treatment Act. Even in the state, you can find several vape shops selling CBD products illegally. In most cases, the authorities tend to overlook what is happening, but you must know that it is illegal.

If you choose to purchase CBD oil in NC, you may get away with the possession, but it’s not guaranteed. State authorities have all legal backing to enforce the law and make arrests if they choose to. These arrests could occur for both the possession and sale of CBD products. One such example is when two vape store owners in Concord, NC, were arrested for the sale of CBD products. 

Where to Buy CBD Oil in NC?

If it’s not safe to purchase CBD hemp oil in NC, what should you do? Sadly, the legal status of CBD in NC has caused products to be sold on the black market. Whether you are looking for oils, vapes, capsules or gummies, you won’t readily find them available for purchase.

Because people are not allowed to buy CBD oil freely, they are left to question the quality of the available products. This restriction leaves lots of CBD products in North Carolina on a lower level of potency and safety. In fact, some products contain toxins because of the sub-standard extraction method used. In addition, these products might be a lower strength than what is indicated on the label, since no one is holding these companies accountable.

To avoid these concerns, you must search out high-quality CBD products that have been well-vetted. Companies, such as Zilis, operate in a free, competitive and open environment, forcing them to work harder and further improve the quality. A reputable company will also have the products tested by third-party labs so that the consumer can know precisely what is in the formula. We encourage you to learn more about Zilis Ultra Cell CBD Oil today.

These tests should always be available to users upon request. Otherwise, there’s no telling what is in the CBD product you might consume. 

Future of CBD Oil in NC

As we continue to wonder – is CBD legal in NC in 2020, we have to wait and see what happens. The policymakers in North Carolina don’t appear to be interested in what the public wants. Many consumers are demanding access to reliable CBD products and it has become nearly impossible to get anyone to listen.

Furthermore, the NC senate has also moved to ban smokable hemp. The current argument is that law enforcement will have a difficult time distinguishing between marijuana and hemp. While the laws are intended to keep people away from psychoactive THC, it also prohibits industrial hemp, which is federally deemed as legal.

For now, this ban has been suspended until later in the year. The House Judiciary Committee will revisit the ban in December 2020. At this time, they are expected to develop new guidelines between marijuana and smokable hemp. If the guidelines become clear enough to appease the policymakers, the ban might continue. Otherwise, the ban could be overturned. 

As time goes on, we expect to see more areas throughout the United States legalizing marijuana. Still, the debate lives on and will continue to be argued from both sides. Hopefully, North Carolina becomes one of the states that relax restrictions in the future. As we learn more about the CBD oil news in NC, we will provide updates.

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