What Is CBG Oil? Everything You Need to Know

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CBG Oil Guide 

If you’re into alternative health, chances are you’ve heard of CBG oil before. CBG (Cannabigerol) oil , which comes from the cannabis plant, has been proclaimed to offer a number of different health benefits and many companies worldwide are now offering it as part of their product line-up.

Recently however, a new product has come into light. CBG oil is somewhat different from CBD oil and deserves some further attention. 

Let’s take a closer look into what this oil is all about and why it might just be the new thing to watch. 

What Is CBG Oil? What Does CBG Mean? 

You may be wondering what CBG oil is. Everyone seems to know what CBD oil is, however, few are aware of what CBG is. What is CBG oil then? Let’s find out:

CBG oil, which stands for cannabigerol oil is from the same plant that CBD comes from as well as THC, which is the compound that makes one feel high. Because CBG does not contain THC higher than .3%, just as hemp CBD doesn’t either, this also means that it’s also not going to ‘get you high’ so to speak and have that unwanted impact on your psychological well-being.

For those who aren’t looking for a mood altering substance, both hemp CBD as well as CBG stand to be good options and are often paired together in a daily regimen. 

CBG is a strain of a cannabinoid that’s not as common as CBD, hence why you’ve probably never heard of it before but does offer some unique things. The CBG cannabinoid is quickly rising in the ranks of sought after products, which is probably how you found this article.

In terms of actually developing CBG, when we look at the process we come to see that there are certain enzymes in the cannabis plant that break CBGA down and will put it towards either THCA, CBDA, or CBCA. 

In most cases, the acids are going to be exposed to ultraviolet light or heat and when this happens, they quickly convert to THC or CBD. The CBGA strain is converted into THCA or CBDA almost immediately and thus, there is very little CBG that is produced. 

In order to start manufacturing higher amounts of CBG oil, we have to use a bit of science and genetically manipulate the plants. Doing this and changing the timeline of when the compound is extracted from the plants, a higher overall yield of CBG is produced. 

After extensive research and personal testing, we believe that Elite Health Products currently has the best value for CBG Oil.

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CBG oil vs CBD oil – What’s The Big Difference? 

Both CBG and CBD are said to have amazing health benefits and are compounds that most people could benefit from. While they are often used to support similar types of overall health, one clear difference is that CBG may help to stimulate a2-adrenergic receptors while CBD doesn’t have as much of an influence here. Also, CBG is considered as a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is extracted from the same hemp strains as CBD.

This opens up even more doors to the potential health benefits that the cannabis plant can be utilized for and simply gives CBD users yet another strain to work with. 

We’ve also seen that CBG may have antibacterial properties as well, so this may provide additional benefits beyond that of what CBD provides. 

CBG oil VS CBD oil? Or better used as a combo?

In reality, the best way to fully determine whether CBG may be right for you is to give it a try and see how it pairs with hemp CBD as a combo. Some people will simply prefer to stick with CBD while others may decide that they respond better to CBG and look towards that more in the future. 

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CBG Oil Benefits

The Alternative To Gaining The Benefits Of Cannabis Without Being High 

One interesting thing to note about CBG is that it may help as an alternative to using cannabis that contains THC, so if you were someone who was using marijuana for instance and didn’t want to experience that high effect, using CBG only may help you avoid it. 

While many simply choose to go straight for CBG or hemp CBD in the first place and avoid any strains with THC, it’s still good to know nevertheless that it has similar benefits without the THC drawbacks. 

Sourcing CBG Oil 

For now, don’t expect to see rows and rows of CBG products on the shelves of alternative health stores or websites. Sourcing CBG oil is incredibly time consuming and expensive so it’s still very much in the early stages. As scientists get better at altering plants and figuring out how they can extract more of this strain from the cannabis plant, it will be hard to come by.

If you can find a quality CBG product on the market, do count yourself lucky as there just won’t be many of them. It can take thousands of pounds of cannabis plants to produce just a small amount of CBG isolate, therefore it’s not only rare to come by but will also be leaning towards the higher end of the price scale. This is to be expected due to supply and demand concepts, so know that going in but also know that this rare strain may offer extra special benefits that shouldn’t be ruled out if you are attempting to maximize your health. For some people, it’s simply worth it.  One company name Zilis has had great success in CBG extraction that has a product that has been top rated by users. Zilis has a flagship product called UltraCBG that is available to purchase online direct or through their many suppliers. 

Another issue with the production of CBG at the moment is that farmers will have to give up their entire cannabis crop to get it. Once you choose to extract the CBG oil, the plant will be destroyed in the process so there will be no going back to get the remaining CBD, which is the bulk of the extracts that will be found.

Certain equipment is also needed in order to extract CBD effectively so if a grower doesn’t have this type of equipment, it’s also far more probable that he or she will choose to extract CBD instead, which proves to be a much easier form to extract. 

So there you have a few important points to know about CBG. It’s a relatively new product to the market and not everyone is fully aware of what it does and how it differs from CBD. But as more research is performed on it, we expect to not only learn how it can better help the human body but how it can be extracted to a greater and more effective degree. Expect to see more CBG oil in the future but for now, know that if you are able to source it, you might have just found yourself a hidden gem. Considering the fact that CBD isolate used to be $20,000/kg and now is down to around $2000/kg, there stands to be much change in the CBG market in the years to come.  

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Where To Buy CBG?

As the market stands now, Zilis UltraCBG is our recommended source of a trusted company with an exceptional product that has one of the highest absorption rates.  Available exclusively from Zilis, UltraCBG is a full spectrum, plantbased, water soluble hemp oil formulated with 60 times more CBG than UltraCell® CBD oil. As previously noted, CBG is the parent compound for all cannabinoids, and UltraCBG enhances the “entourage effect” when working in tandem with UltraCell to offer targeted health benefits.

Zilis UltraCBG Exclusive Technology

Zilis has solidified its position as the industry leader when it comes to hemp-derived products. First, by dominating the revolutionary CBD boom, and now by raising the stakes with Cannabigerol (CBG), the next generation of endocannabinoid health! Zilis is one of the only companies even considering alternate cannabinoids, like CBG and its unique health benefits. The future of hemp-derived cannabinoids is in Zilis hands!

In rapid fashion, Zilis instantly became the undisputed market leader in ECS health. As such, Zilis is committed to providing the best support and technology in the creation of their products. That’s why Zilis Ultra CBG is formulated with same proprietary UltraCell technology consumers have come to love and trust. Their ULTRA Product line works faster and longer because their formula allows for rapid absorption, so our bodies can absorb it quickly and efficiently for enhanced health benefits. We recommend taking Zilis Ultra Cell CBD Oil in combination with CBG in order to maximize the full effects.

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