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What is Zilis CBG Oil?

Zilis CBG Oil is considered the mother of all Cannabinoids.

Scientists are now discovering the tremendous effects of even greater Cannabinoid compounds. The compound in focus today is none other than UltraCell CBG or Cannabigerol. Advances in hemp extraction technology have allowed us to explain the health benefits from the full spectrum of cannabis compounds, with CBG being one of the newest darlings of the industry.

At this point, it appears that full-spectrum products do much more for the average person than any single cannabinoid on their own. As we begin to discover compound after compound, we’re starting to understand which we should add and which we should use technology to remove from the overall formulation. 

This leads us to Zilis Ultra CBG, an impressive product with 60 times more CBG than Ultracell CBD. For those who want the numbers, that’s 0.034mg in Ultracell compared to the 2mg present in UltraCBG

Zilis is a leader in cannabinoid health technology, particularly that concerning water-soluble hemp oil. Many constituents of Zilis Ultracell CBD oil would normally be low in overall bioavailability, but with Zilis offering water solubility, these compounds can be much more used merely by the body. 

What is Zilis UltraCBG? 

The Zilis CBG formula is extremely simple when it comes to overall ingredients, being made up of solely hemp oil extract and CBG. There is 2mg of CBG per single dose when you consider that that’s 60 times more CBG than in their Ultracell CBD oil, it makes you wonder what exactly is going on with CBG and what effects it might have on health. After all, without knowing what’s worthwhile with CBG, are we even sure we want Ultra CBG? 

Luckily, this product, as well as Zilis Ultracell, doesn’t need to remain an enigma, and neither does the technology behind them. 

Hemp Extract 

Of the 5mg overall dose of material, 3mg of it is concerned mainly with hemp extract and not the CBG. The hemp oil works mainly as a medium to hold the CBG compound. Besides a few ingredients useful to helping UltraCBG be absorbed and used by the body, the hemp extract itself isn’t what makes this Zilis product noteworthy; for that, you should read the next point. The hemp extract present in UltraCBG has no other cannabinoids present, there’s simply no inexpensive way with current technology to deliver CBG alone without some hemp extract to come along. 

The hemp extract left in by Zilis gives the offer of a more complete spectrum of cannabis-related compounds. For comparison’s sake, Ultracell CBD has 16.67mg of hemp extract total, so there’s more CBG than Ultracell CBD, but not nearly as much raw hemp extract itself.

Cannabigerol (CBG) 

If you’re not familiar with CBG, don’t worry as the benefits of CBG are only recently coming to light. Within full spectrum cannabis plants, CBG makes up less than 1% of the overall weight of the plant, making it a difficult product to isolate in large numbers. Not surprisingly, this is why Zilis is one of the few pioneers in the CBG industry as a whole. There is just 0.034mg of CBG in Ultracell, so the 2mg present in Ultra CBG gives it considerably more CBG than Ultracell CBD. 

Like other cannabinoids, CBG has an effect on the overall endocannabinoid system with the ability to add great benefits to the systems revolving around appetite, mood, sleep, and inflammation. A profound mood-boosting effect is found through CBG thanks to its relationship in raising anandamide, an important molecule in the regulation of mood. When you’re on a quest for the full spectrum of health benefits, CBG is simply too powerful to overlook. 

Those who are on the search for superior cannabinoid products should take note of how CBG can help round out a cannabinoid regimen into something with a much superior spectrum. Not to mention, the fact that Zilis released a product with this much more CBG than Ultracell CBD really begs the question as to what there is to gain here. If you’re going to check out who is out there with an offer of relief, don’t discount the outliers of the cannabinoid world. 

Like the CBD within Ultracell CBD oil, the compound CBG is not psychoactive, which means that there is no “high” or intoxication to speak of. Compared to products that contain THC, there will be no impairment if CBG is taken on its own, something else that puts it firmly in the health category as opposed to the recreational drug category. Cherry-picking from the full spectrum of cannabinoids is essential to finding personalized symptom relief. 

CBG is thought to be on par if not superior to CBD in its ability to regulate mood and even protect the brain. Not bad for something that comes from a plant.

A Crash Course in Cannabinoids 

The health industry can be notorious opaque, but thankfully at least Zilis is rather transparent in their methods of action. Within the body, there is a distinct system known as the endocannabinoid system that can be bolstered to have wide-ranging effects on nearly all bodily systems. Anything from generalized inflammation to stress to even sleep can be helped by one of the many cannabinoids in the spectrum. 

Most cannabinoids are, of course, present in the cannabis plant, while some other plants also contain phytocannabinoids or other members of the cannabinoid spectrum. When ingested, the health benefits derived are directly correlated to how these cannabinoids affect the ECS. 

The wide range of health effects, possibly by modulation of the ECS from formulations like Ultra CBG, means that different cannabinoids work to affect various systems of the body at varying severities, thus the “spectrum” term that comes up so commonly. Some work just fine on their own, some have more health effects when there are more cannabinoids present in general, but they all work like a lock and key on the body’s natural endocannabinoid function in some way or another. 

So, with Ultra CBG having much more CBG than Ultracell CBD itself, that means that Ultracell works great to add in CBG to a regimen that is otherwise lacking. 

Important Notice on Absorption 

Those in search of better living through chemistry would eagerly like to know what makes Zilis CBG special compared to all of the other health products on offer that promise similar benefits, or even other similar spectrum products like Ultracell. What we love about Zilis is that all of their products, including Ultracell CBD oil, make use of a special technology that makes normal hemp oil turn into water-soluble hemp oil. It might not seem significant in and of itself, but water-soluble hemp oil can be absorbed and broken down by the body much easier, meaning there is less wasted product as well as less waiting time before full effects can be found.

How to Take Zilis CBG 

Unlike some other products that can be eaten, vaporized in a cart, or used topically, Zilis CBG is meant to be exclusively administered orally using the built-in dropper. A single bottle contains 30 doses of 1ml, with each dose containing 60 times more CBG than in a single dropper of Ultracell. Use the dropper to add 1ml of the product and apply directly into the mouth and let it absorb under the tongue for at least 15 seconds.

Unlike other water-soluble hemp oil products, drowsiness is not a common symptom of CBD, something we love since it helps us achieve unique health outcomes in our daily life. That lack of drowsiness is a simple way to illustrate how different compounds on the cannabis spectrum can have, well, a fully different spectrum of effects. 

What to Expect from Zilis UltraCBG 

There are many ways to derive benefits from adding Zilis CBG into your supplement routine, but not all offer the same level of relief. Those who are on the search for cannabinoids that help mood mainly and miscellaneous passive bodily functions should be excited to stumble upon UltraCBG. This compound can be used completely on its own, those who enjoy products that have a mild solo effect can expect a bit more spring in their step, a feeling of overall wellness, as well as even some antibacterial action for good measure. 

Zilis UltraCBG is best used with other products that make use of cannabinoids to take advantage of the “entourage effect” typical of cannabinoids. In simplest terms, UltraCBG will work best when paired with other cannabinoids, and all of the individual benefits will be increased by the presence of each individual compound at play. This compound should not be added to a vaporizer cart and ingested through the lungs; it is a strictly oral product. 

When someone adds UltraCBG into their normal regimen, they will be sure that CBG will be present to help in the entourage effect since there’s 60 times more CBG in this product compared to Ultracell alone. By adding CBG products to an already robust cannabinoid regimen, a much fuller spectrum of cannabinoids is represented. The effect of each compound is boosted by the presence of all other compounds. Using the special technology that makes UltraCBG so unique, there’s also a guarantee that the product will be absorbed in time actually to play its part in full-spectrum health benefits. 

Is Zils UltraCBG Worth It?

There’s a lot to love from what Zilis UltraCBG has to offer. After all, UltraCBG is hardly well known, even if Ultracell has been gaining traction recently. Thankfully, the uplifting mood effects that are subtle yet noticeable are making headway in many people’s personal health. The positive health effects from wide spectrum cannabinoid supplementation affect just about every part of the human function. This is truly a sign that there’s some real science at play here and not just a placebo. 

Without the technology allowing for fully water-soluble hemp oil, we feel there is no comparison to other related CBG products on the market. Having 60 times more CBG than Ultracell CBD makes it an important accessory product. By either using this compound alone or choosing to add it to complete your spectrum of cannabinoids, there are serious neuroprotective and mood-boosting qualities to take advantage of. 

Being able to completely custom-tailor the spectrum of cannabinoids with a simple add or subtraction of specific cannabinoids is going to take a huge jump in popularity in the years to come if nootropic stacks are any indication. Zilis Ultracell CBD oil will likely reign supreme as a good “base” to branch out from, but UltraCBG balances out the effects swimmingly. 

How to Buy Zilis Ultra CBG Safely & Securely Online

The internet can be a deceptive place. We are firm believers in buying product directly from where it’s made in this industry.

For your health safety and protection, we strongly recommend that you only buy directly from the Elite Health Products.

Thanks for reading today and be sure to share this definitive guide with friends and family who are eager to learn about the benefits of CBD.


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