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What is Zilis UltraCell CBD Oil Full Spectrum Hemp Extract?

What is Zilis Ultra Cell?

The demand for hemp based CBD products has increased significantly in the last few years, with people finding many advantages to using infused oils and topical creams. UltraCell full-spectrum hemp oil is a product that is completely plant-based, and unlike many other similar products, is water-soluble.   

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What is Zilis Ultra Cell CBD Oil and What Makes It So special?

Zilis UltraCell full-spectrum is one of the flagship full-spectrum hemp CBD oil products that Zilis offers, which uses their unique water-soluble delivery system. This means that a standard-sized bottle will give you a full 30-day supply. There are three flavors available, including their delicious lemon, luscious berry, and the raw hemp version. All the hemp used in their products are sourced naturally and organically, and they are proud to provide the best products possible. Zilis combines the full-spectrum hemp CBD oil with a few additional ingredients to make the UltraCell full-spectrum product as effective as possible. This includes natural omega fatty acids, flavonoids, and Phytocannabinoids.   

How Does Zilis Ultra Cell Work?  

Zilis has developed a unique new delivery method for its spectrum hemp CBD oil, which is significantly superior to the traditional methods and has improved the effectiveness and efficiency of the products. Zilis UltraCell uses an exclusive technology that makes the oil, water-soluble. If you have ever used oily products and added them to water, you will notice that the two separate. This is because oil molecules are very compact and dense compared to water molecules, meaning that the water cannot combine with the oil.

The reason this is important when thinking about buying CBD products is that they are largely oil-based. The challenge that has been faced when working with oil-based delivery systems is that it is difficult to get an active ingredient to absorb into the body effectively. The intestines are where this is usually absorbed, but they have a fine layer of water covering them, meaning that the oil cannot pass through. Generally, only 6% of the active ingredient for oil-based products is absorbed when digested, meaning that dosage sizes need to be increased to compensate.  

Zilis UltraCell, on the other hand, uses a superior water-soluble delivery mechanism to bypass this problem. This is a proprietary technology designed in-house by the team of Zilis experts. The delivery system is able to offer a combination of liposomes and micelles to help the CBD absorb into the body. One is used for quick delivery of the active ingredient, and the other acts as a slow burn to keep the effects working. When combined, they result in the maximum amount of CBD to be absorbed.  

What is Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil?  

Zilis UltraCell is a full-spectrum CBD oil, which means that it uses the full spectrum of CBD, which leads to all the beneficial effects. This is compared to other hemp or CBD oils that generally only use portions of the plant. Zilis has effectively taken all aspects of industrial hemp and extracted it into the product, which would not otherwise be possible without ingesting the raw plant itself. In addition to the full spectrum hemp CBD oil, UltraCell also has a combination of flavonoids, including berry and lemon, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals to increase the positive effects.   

Phytocannabinoids and Their Benefits  

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a system of receptors in the body that is closely linked to our feelings of well-being and relaxation. The ECS is linked to brain functions, including having a natural supply of endocannabinoids – ‘endo’ literally means inside the body. If you are feeling stressed or are struggling to sleep, it may be a sign that there is a deficiency or an issue in producing these natural endocannabinoids. The good news is that Zilis UltraCell full-spectrum hemp oil contains phytocannabinoids, which react with your ECS the same way as those produced inside the body and can replace deficiencies.   

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The Historical Use of Hemp for Well-Being  

Hemp has been used for generations for its great range of organic health effects. Traditionally the hemp would have been consumed whole, meaning that the full spectrum of the benefits was always available. With the increase of lab-made CBD oils, this full-spectrum hemp oil has not been available. When scientists and companies began trying to extract parts of the hemp plant to replicate its effect, they found that many people still preferred the traditional plant over the lab-made equivalent. The phenomenon is called the ‘entourage effect’ and states that the full spectrum of the hemp plant is needed to get the maximum effect. The many compounds found in industrial hemp are needed together to get their synergistic effects.   

Zilis UltraCell Benefits and How to Use The Products 

Cannabidiol (CBD) has been used naturally for years for its multitude of health and well-being effects. CBD is found in hemp plants. Alternatively, the marijuana cannabis plant contains much greater amounts of Tetrahydrocannabinol – better known as THC – and is the compound that gives the ‘high’ traditionally associated with cannabis. The hemp plant contains very small amounts of THC (under .3%), but not enough to make the user high, but larger quantities of CBD which can offer the relaxation and pain relief effects people often look for when smoking cannabis.   

Full-spectrum hemp CBD oil is made by taking the full CBD compounds and adding them to oil so that the user does not have to smoke the product, which has its own well-known adverse effects. In the last few years, full-spectrum hemp oil has increased in popularity for its superior ability to help with anxiety, pain, and sleep. There are also new flavors being developed like Zilis UltraCell berry – which is simple and easy to consume. 

How to Buy Zilis Ultra Cell CBD Oil Safely & Securely Online

The internet can be a deceptive place. We are firm believers in buying product directly from where it’s made in this industry.

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