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Zilis Ultra Dream Reviews

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Benefits of Zilis UltraDream

Zilis UltraDream is a powerful supplement that helps support deep, consistent, healthy sleep. Optimizing our bodily function has become a hot button topic in recent years, and for a good reason. Previously the supplement/body-hacking industry was populated almost entirely by junk vendors peddling dubious ingredients for a high price, a legacy that still often dogs the supplement formula industry. Many of these original pills were no more effective in helping the body than someone deciding to add more water to their daily intake. Most common body functions are tweaked slightly using supplements, be it mood, energy levels, stomach issues, or the sleep system.  

Now we have a lot more on legit product offerings, and there’s a lot more science backing up every ingredient. Essentially, any supplement that works functions to add to the building blocks necessary for your body to operate in a way you’re more satisfied. That being said, it still isn’t always easy knowing what to put in your cart and take home. Without the raw materials, your body can’t open the biological pathways for the chemical reactions necessary.  

The product we’ll be touching on today that fulfills the modern philosophy behind supplements is none other than Zilis UltraDream.  

Marketing strategy is pretty simple here, UltraDream, meaning you’re sure to find support in healthy sleep. This item is part of the same line as their Zilis CBD Oil products, although this special formulation contains GABA and melatonin as well as a proprietary Mimetix formula to promote restful sleep. Part of this is their full spectrum sleep support formulation that makes sure sleep is improved during every part of the sleep cycle. Some of their ingredients take hints from how CBD oil/hemp oil affects the endocannabinoid system. 

Zilis does offer Zilis Ultracell for those interested in CBD, but for now, we’ll focus mostly on Zilis UltraDream. Many Zilis products are part of their “Zilis Ultra” line, all meant to be, be-all-end-all solutions to common sleep support. 

What Is Zilis UltraDream?  

Many people struggle to hold on to restful sleep and repeat those patterns each night. Whether it be through poor sleep hygiene or bad diet, getting a proper night’s sleep isn’t always the easiest task for millions of people nationwide. Zilis UltraDream comes in a dropper bottle, and only 1 ml is necessary for the desired effect. 

The main differentiator between UltraDream and other sleep products is the UltraDream powerhouse ingredient list. UltraDream makes use of phytocannabinoids, terpenes, beta-carophyllene, as well as cannabimimetics on top of the usual GABA, melatonin, and chamomile extract typical to sleep aids.  

Cannabimimetics are simply compounds that have similar effects on the endocannabinoid system as cannabinoids from the hemp plant while being derived from a completely different source. This means that this product, unlike Ultracell, is not derived from the hemp plant.  

Unlike hemp-derived oils, it cannot be placed into a vaporizer or vape cart to be used. On top of it all, these ingredients within UltraDream have been made water-soluble using special technology for ease of absorption. What matters the most is Zilis is very transparent about what has gone into UltraDream as well as other Zilis Ultra products. Everything is right out there on the package so you can do your own homework before deciding if this product is truly an UltraDream.  

Zilis UltraDream Ingredients

As it stands, most of these ingredients are mostly just buzzwords to the uninitiated. However, they all have their part to play in the proprietary Mimetix formula that makes UltraDream a very noteworthy product to come from Zilis, much like their Ultracell line.  


Melatonin is a substance you already have in your body; it is a hormone used to regulate the sleep and wake cycle of the human body. Normally, melatonin levels spike at night in response to bedtime and are no more “unnatural” than water, even if the melatonin in the liquid is most likely synthetically derived. When someone takes melatonin, it is quickly metabolized in 20-60 minutes. The metabolism is not delayed whatsoever with UltraDream. The purpose of melatonin in the UltraDream formula is to begin the process in which someone begins to feel drowsy and ready for sleep. 


The addition of GABA to the formula is not to be glossed over. Another substance found naturally in the human body, GABA helps promote relaxation of the body and mind for a synergistic effect between GABA and melatonin. Working together, they help to create the environment in which someone can fall asleep as well as stay in a sleep state for long periods of time. Some studies have shown that people with sleep issues have lower levels of GABA in their brains, further strengthening the link between GABA and proper sleep regulation.  

Chamomile Extract  

The extract from this tea has been packaged in UltraDream for its anti-stress as well as anti-inflammatory properties. This way, Zilis can take advantage of the sleep benefits from chamomile without having to risk any stimulation from caffeinated teas. These properties are thought to influence one’s ability to sleep directly. Some sources even going as far as to suggest chamomile extract being a mild tranquilizer, while that might seem a bit intimidating, the idea of “tranquil sleep” really isn’t that far off from the idea of “restful sleep.” 

The melatonin and GABA are much more scientific in their action, while the chamomile within UltraDream is meant to round things off in a more holistic manner.  

Mimetix Formula  

UltraDream is regarded as a full spectrum sleep support product much like full-spectrum hemp products are, although there is a key difference here between the spectrum they’ve added and those typical to hemp oil. By full spectrum sleep support, it means that all the compounds found in these plants are on offer as opposed to cherry-picking which ones to add. Zilis makes use of what is known as the “entourage effect,” in which compounds from a particular source work better when they are all present to make UltraDream such a heavy-hitting way to get restful sleep. 

The bottom line is, if you’re going to brand a product around promoting an “UltraDream,” you’re going to need to pull out something a bit more powerful than melatonin. This makes it more or less on par with Ultracell in terms of overall cannabinoid action. 

For brevity’s sake, the actual physical items that make up the Zilis proprietary Mimetix formula are meant to aid sleep are as follows:  

– Green Tea Leaf Extract 

– Hops Flower Extract  

– Turmeric Root Extract 

– Ginger Root Extract 

– Echinacea Leaf Extract 

All of these have been condensed into an extract with very little compounds not represented within them besides the things that make up the structural walls of the plants they come from. Alone, each of those might not seem too impressive but tossed together in the UltraDream mélange; they all cover different bases for complete relief.  

An issue that makes these compounds harder to use than say, CBD oil, is that they are not all water-soluble right off the bat. To provide full spectrum sleep support, they had to be packaged in a way that lets the body absorb them as easily as possible, which is why this technology has been employed. UltraDream uses the same scientific principles in all their products to achieve the same great absorption effect. 

Those interested in Ultracell, yet want to steer clear of hemp products can rest easy knowing that effective sleep aid isn’t CBD only. UltraDream works fantastically through much of the same mechanisms as common CBD products, albeit with slight differences. Much like how cannabinoids from hemp oil affect the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for regulating body functions like mood, sleep, and appetite. These compounds have a direct relationship with the body’s sleep systems.  

While not from the hemp plant, which means this is NOT hemp oil, cannabimimetics (cannabi- for cannabis and -mimetic for mimic), they have a remarkably similar on the endocannabinoid system of the body as full-spectrum hemp does.  

In short, the special formula in UltraDream works with the endocannabinoid system to regulate sleep much in the same way hemp oil does, deriving all the benefits of full-spectrum hemp without having anything to do with the plant itself. This is a huge plus for people who don’t want to have a cannabis-related product in their cart at all or who are worried about the legality of hemp products in their area — maximum effect with minimal inconvenience.  

While the earlier ingredients help you get to sleep, this is the part that will keep you asleep, a vital building block for this restful sleep that we’re so eagerly trying to get a taste of. 

How to Take Zilis UltraDream

Using UltraDream is an extremely simple process with very little room for error. There are 30 1ml servings in a single bottle, and only one serving is necessary for maximum effect. Unlike other endocannabinoid products such as CBD oil that can be put into a cart and vaporized, Zilis UltraDream is best taken either swallowed or left under the tongue until absorbed. 

Take a single dropper full of Zilis UltraDream before bed. Drowsiness will likely ensue within 30 minutes to an hour, so take it only when you are prepared to sleep within that time frame. This Zilis product is designed with the intent of supporting restful sleep, which means an entire 8-hour sleep cycle in total.

No cart, no fancy ingestion method, just a dropper’s worth.  

So, take a dropper full about 30 minutes to an hour before bed and do your best to achieve the ideal maximum of 8 hours of sleep, UltraDream has you covered. 

How to Buy Zilis Ultra Dream Safely & Securely Online

The internet can be a deceptive place. We are firm believers in buying product directly from where it’s made in this industry.

For your health safety and protection, we strongly recommend that you only buy directly from the Zilis online store.

Thanks for reading today and be sure to share this definitive guide with friends and family who are eager to learn about the benefits of CBD.


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