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Zilis Ultra Edge, Reviews, Full Spectrum Cognitive Support, with Mimetix


Zilis UltraEdge is a water-soluble CBD oil-based compound. It is manufactured by the Zilis company, which is also responsible for making other related CBD oil products like Zilis Ultra Cell CBD and Zilis Ultra Burn.  

UltraEdge is the company’s performance-boosting product, and it’s been reported to improve focus and mental alertness in people.  

We will be breaking down the product into its individual components and reviewing everything that makes it extremely special and different from other similar products. 

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Besides having quality ingredients, the technology that was used to build Zilis Ultra Edge imbibed it with unique features. These features are the cornerstones of the product’s high efficiency and productivity.  

In the past, many companies have tried to introduce the same features into different products, with varying results. However, none have been successful at creating hemp oil products as efficient as Zilis’ UltraEdge. Here are some of the features that make Zilis UltraEdge stand out among other mental performance boosters. 

Water Solubility 

UltraEdge is full of health-boosting fatty acids and essential oils that make water solubility a long shot. The molecules of oil are too large to mix with water, and that has made it difficult to create water-soluble oil-based products in the past.  

However, Zilis’ technology has been able to harness the power of turning oil-based compounds into a water soluble format.  

The oil-water combination is important because all nutrients that enter the body must pass through a layer of water during absorption in the intestine. This makes it very difficult for the body to absorb most of the oil-based supplements that we consume. But, with a water-soluble supplement, all the nutrients can make it into the bloodstream. 

Greater Bioavailability 

The increased rate of absorption also leads to greater bioavailability. Increased bioavailability means that it takes the supplement much less time to get absorbed by the body.  

It also means that more of the supplement makes it into the body. Most oil-based supplements have a bioavailability of about 10% because of their inefficient absorption model. Zilis UltraEdge’s water-soluble composition gives it a bioavailability of 94%. Additionally, because its absorption is so efficient, the compound can stay active in the body for hours after you take it.  

Full-spectrum Hemp Oil Composition 

Due to their remarkable health benefits, several CBD oil-based hemp products have been created over the past couple of years. They come in various forms, including topical creams, oils and tinctures, and even gummies.  

However, most of these products are either exclusively CBD or a combination of CBD and trace quantities of endocannabinoids. Zilis, as a company, has been able to manufacture a product that’s not only rich in CBD but other cannabinoids as well. But, as one of the most potent cannabinoids available, CBD remains a very important part of Zilis UltraEdge’s formula.  

Easy Application 

When you buy Zilis Ultra Edge, it comes in a small bottle. The size ranges between 2 oz and 4 oz. 

 One of the alluring things about Zilis UltraEdge is that it is incredibly easy to apply; all it takes is 2 ml from the included dropper.  

Some users prefer to consume the product by dropping it under their tongue. There is a very elaborate arterial network under the tongue that delivers the solution into the bloodstream very quickly. The elevated mental potential is literally a couple droplets away! 

Unique Ingredients 

As a cognitive support supplement, UltraEdge was created from a unique blend of ingredients that all work together to create it’s incredible effects. In this part of the review, we’ll examine its unique ingredients and how they improve healthy bodily function 

The Mimetix Formula 

Mimetix is Zilis’ trademark formula created using advanced scientific research. It is present in all of the company’s products, including Ultracell and Ultrasleep.  

Mimetix is a full spectrum compound that, when taken, stimulates the body’s endocannabinoid system. The exact content and mixture of Mimetix is proprietary and confidential, but it includes a blend of the following: 

  • Phytocannabinoid mimics: These imitate the action of cannabinoids in the body 
  • Terpenes: These are the same compounds found in the hemp plant 
  • Cannabimimetics: These are compounds that can stimulate the ECS in the same way that the cannabinoids found in hemp can. 
  • Beta-caryophyllene 
  • Alkamides 

Besides these compounds, we also have a lot of natural and naturally occurring ingredients that have separate healthy effects on the body. Combined with the UltraEdge mimetix formula, they have an even more remarkable effect on the body. Some of these ingredients include: 

  • Green tea leaf extracts 
  • Hops flower extracts 
  • Turmeric Root extracts 
  • Ginger Root extracts 
  • Echinacea leaf extract 

These components of the Mimetix formula exist in a unique combination that’s never been done before. 

 And because of that, UltraEdge has incredible benefits that are far above any other product’s offers. Users have reported an increase in their cognition and mental output, thanks to UltraEdge. In a later section, we will review more of what UltraEdge has done for a healthy mind. 

Cognitive Support Blends 

Like other brain-boosting supplements, Zilis UltraEdge owes its cognitive boosting capacity to a unique blend of ingredients. These were discovered long ago to be very effective in promoting several natural responses, including reduction of stress, weight management, and of course, increased mental acuity. They are extracts from roots, herbs, and fruits like those used in making nootropics. Some of the ingredients of UltraEdge’s cognitive support blend include: 

  • Acai extract 
  • Citicoline 
  • Bacopa Monnieri extract 
  • Maca Root Extract 
  • Rhodiola Root Extract 
  • Hesperidin 
  • Hyperzine A 

History of Hemp 

To truly understand what Zilis is doing with flagship products like Ultracell and UltraEdge, you need to understand the history of hemp.  

Evidence uncovered by archeologists suggests that ancient Mesopotamians used hemp to make their clothing. History also shows that ancient Chinese used hemp oilseeds to make hundreds of healthy compounds. Apparently, the plant has roots that date as far as 10,000 years. 

As it stands, we have only begun to scratch the surface of what the hemp plant can really do. In 4000 BC, China and Turkestan began using hemp for their clothing. There are also records of Italian ships with ropes and sails made from hemp. History shows that the use of hemp was so pervasive that King Henry VIII fined farmers who did not grow the plant for industrial use. 

Besides clothing and ship sails, hemp was also used in Academia. The first drafts of the declaration of independence were most likely drafted on hemp paper. In fact, it was until recent times that the use of the herb became frowned upon.  

In 1937, hemp was declared illegal in the United States, and most of its use faded out of circulation. But, more than 80 years later, the agricultural act of 2018 was passed by congress. The law allowed hemp to become a commodity once more, and it enabled companies like Zilis to experiment with its potential. Zilis’ leading CBD products are due to the re-legalization of hemp.  

How to Buy Safely

The internet can be a deceptive place. We are firm believers in buying product directly from where it’s made in this industry.

For your health safety and protection, we strongly recommend that you only buy directly from the Zilis online store.

Thanks for reading today and be sure to share this definitive guide with friends and family who are eager to learn about the benefits of CBD.


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